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The Coatney Professional Center
Massage Therapy Is Now Permanently


Our Massage Therapy Menu has been designed to offer a variety of massage options: for relaxation, for stress and pain relief, or simply for pampering! Whatever your need, we've got you covered!

Sheri L. Coatney, LMT

  The Swedish Massage

30 min/$45  ***  60 min/$65  ***  90min/$105

Our Swedish Massage Session will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Often referred to as the “classic” massage, this type of massage session is designed for relaxation and stress relief. Your tension is eased away with gentle relaxing massage techniques. This session calms the nervous system, boosts circulation, and helps improve the immune system.

  Hot Stone Therapy

30 min/$50  ***  60 min/$70  

Experience an “oasis of serenity”....

This is a luxurious massage session designed to enhance the relaxation process by adding the element of heat. Basalt stones, naturally smoothed from river water are heated and used with a light oil to complete the massage. Some stones are places on acupressure points to strengthen the experience of relaxation.

  Our All Natural Facelift Massage


  This is a can't miss experience!

You have to try it to believe it!

Our all-natural facial massage uses no oils or lotions and is a healthy alternative to facials which use chemicals. Based on the wisdom of Ayurvedic healers, this treatment will tone and firm facial muscles, tighten facial contours, balance the body's subtle energy, and generate a glowing look for days! This massage takes 35-40 minutes, and in addition to generating a glowing look, it will actually leave you feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated!

  Deep Tissue Therapy

30 min/ $45

 You will feel like a new person...

Deep tissue therapy is used primarily to alleviate chronic muscle pain and restore structural balance. While many people think "Deep Tissue" means more pressure to the point of hurting, this is actually incorrect. Our deep tissue work targets deeper, chronic problems by gently softening connective tissue and allowing for the slow release of muscle tension, starting near the surface, and working into the deeper muscles.

Massage therapy should NEVER be painful, including when deep tissue work is done!

  Chair Massage 

At Our Office: $1/min  (Minimum of 15 minutes)

Have a busy schedule? Here is a short massage session that focuses on neck, shoulders and back work using our massage chair. You remain fully clothed and these sessions last 10-20 minutes. 

For relief on the run!

At Your Business or Event
Rates: Call for pricing and availability

Give your employees or guests something to rave about. The massage chair is brought to your place, allowing for fully clothed 10-20 minute sessions. 

Employees will love you for this!

  Package Deals **

Buy 3 equal  1/2 hr sessions at one time, and save $10

Buy 3 equal 1 hour sessions at one time and save $20

** package deals may not be used with any other massage specials **

  Our Best Deal Yet:

Combine a massage session with a same day dental appointment and save!

1 Hour Swedish Massage- Regular Price: $65

Book with a dental appointment: $50 (Save $15)

1/2 Hour Swedish Massage - Regular Price: $45

Book with a dental appointment: $35 (Save $10)

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