Smile Gallery

Our Olean, NY dental practice is passionate about creating and maintaining beautiful smiles !

Why is our dental practice passionate about smiles?

Well let's face it, when someone smiles at you it is hard not to smile back! Science has shown that smiling is actually contagious!

But did you know that the little act of smiling can actually be good for your health too? When you smile, your brain has a little "happy party", releasing chemicals that are good for your health. Some of these chemicals relax your body,and lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Other chemicals released act as natural pain relievers, and still others chemicals serve as mood lifters! 

So when we improve your smile, you start to share your smile more often. This in turn creates a healthy environment! No wonder we are passionate about what we do! 

Our patients love our passion!

In reviews  patient describe their experience with us as "warm", "friendly", "welcoming", "attentive to my needs".

And you will love the clinical expertise at our dental practice! We offer clinical services that not only improve your dental health, but also create cosmetically beautiful smiles.

Our Smile Gallery is where we get to show you why we love

creating beautiful smiles!

Here are some samples of Dr. Coatney's cosmetic work!

Porcelain Veneer Crowns
smile gallery

Case #2

 Porcelain veneer crowns will change both the shape

and the shade of the tooth.

Notice how uniform all the front teeth appear now!

More Cosmetic Cases Coming Soon ! This page is still under construction...