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Preventive Dental Services

Dr. David E. Coatney, and his dental team realize that preventive dental services, combined with good patient education are the keys to optimal dental health!

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We are focused on the health as well as the beauty of your smile! 

Good dental care should start early--click here to read about how we introduce our littlest patients to dental care!

What are the benefits of having optimal dental health?

Here are just a few:

 1. Detecting and treating problems early prevents unnecessary pain. --Have you ever seen someone with a toothache? The pain can be excruciating... We like to help our patients avoid that scenario!

2. Treating a dental problem early can prevent missed work. We all know how difficult it can be just to get time off for regular dental appointments. Dental problems can result in the need for several appointments, creating complications with your work schedule. Also, missed work could mean a loss of income.

3. Having regular exams and cleanings can help improve your overall health.  Did you know that when bacteria resides between your teeth and under your gums this can lead to other health problems such as cardiovascular disease and stroke? Learn more about how gum disease can affect your overall health here.

4. Improving your smile actually has been shown to  lead to lifestyle changes -- Having a beautiful smile with sparkling white teeth allows you to smile more! Studies show one of the first things people notice is your smile. An improved smile can lead to improved confidence.  

So, On Your First Visit, Where Do We Start With Preventive Dental Services?

At the Coatney Professional Center, preventive dental services start with a comprehensive dental examination.

This means we will do a complete and thorough examination of you teeth as well as the bone and soft tissues that support your teeth. 

There are five parts to your comprehensive exam:

1.Review Your Health History -- We review all ongoing health issues as well as all medications you are  currently taking.

2. The Clinical Examination-- we will thoroughly examine the teeth and gum health, looking for any obvious dental health issues.

3. The Cancer Screening-- We examine all of the soft tissues of your mouth including the cheeks, tongue, lips, and floor of the mouth. Suspicious areas and recommendations will be brought to your attention. 

4. Low-Radiation Digital X-rays. The use of x-rays allows us to detect problem areas not visible to the human eye.

5. The Discussion --Once the clinical examination and x-rays have been reviewed, we are able to diagnose any dental needs. At this point in the visit, we discuss with you any problems areas that we have discovered, and inform you of the possible options for treatment. We also take the time to answer any questions you may have, and what your desires are for your smile-- Are you interested in whitening, or cosmetic work? This is the time to ask us! You will never find any high pressure sales here-- we just want to know what your desires are to maintain or improve your smile!

Once you have been educated on the problems, and possible treatments, together, you and our dental team will formulate a treatment plan-- one that works for your dental health, as well as for your finances.

Often times patients ask if they can bypass the x-rays.

We like to think of it like this:

 Asking us to bypass x-rays for a comprehensive exam would be like taking your car to the mechanic to check something, but not letting him look under the hood! 

Many dental problems can start in areas that are not visible to the human eye. Our focus is always on preventing problems, therefore the x-rays are necessary.

We have replaced standard film x-rays with low-radiation digital radiography. Although standard dental film x-rays only carry a radiation dose equivalent to about an hour in the sun, our digital radiography system is even lower at only 50-60% of that dose. In addition, we now are able to enlarge the x-rays for greater detail and diagnostic capability.

The digital format also allows us the ability to transfer the x-rays electronically by email to specialists for referral purposes, and to insurance companies to expedite your insurance claims. 

What Other Types of Preventive Dental Services Are Provided At the Coatney Professional Center?

Appliances To Prevent Tooth Grinding:

Tooth Grinding, also  called "Bruxism", usually occurs at night. However, people who brux (grind) at night, generally clench their teeth, and sometimes grind them during daytime hours when they are in deep thought, or under stress.

Bruxism causes:

  • premature tooth wear
  • tooth fracture
  • tooth pain from Cracked Tooth Syndrome (CTS)
  • headaches
  • jaw muscle spasm
  • TMD (Temporal-Mandibular Dysfunction) which is called TMJ by most people 
  • fatigue from restless night time sleep.

When this is diagnosed, we recommend an appliance to be worn at night. This may or may not prevent grinding, but it will protect your teeth if the grinding continues. 

When bruxism is diagnosed, we recommend an appliance to be worn at night. This may or may not prevent grinding,however, it will protect your teeth if the grinding continues. 

Wisdom Tooth Evaluation: