Payment Options

Let's be honest, sometimes the thought of paying for dental care can feel overwhelming.

We understand this, and and here at the Coatney Professional Center we are committed to working with you to help make your dental care affordable.

Read more to learn about our payment options.

But I don't Have Dental Insurance...

What Are My Payment Options?

The truth is, only about 61% of Americans actually do have some type of dental insurance, so you are not alone! But not having dental insurance does not mean that you should simply skip the dentist altogether!

Early detection and treatment of problems can be far less expensive than waiting until a major problem occurs!

At the Coatney Professional Center, we offer several ways to help you cover the cost of your dental care:

  1. Cash/Check - for large treatment cases we offer an 8% cash discount if paid in full on first day of treatment
  2. Credit Cards: We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

Can I Make Payments?

We do have some choices for you here... The first is for any major restorative work-- such as crowns, bridges, dentures, or any large treatment plan:

1. Major Restorative Work: We work with you to split the cost into 2 or 3 portions. This is all worked out prior to any treatment started, so you will be clear as to what your financial obligation will be at each visit. 

The second choice can be used for any dental treatment you need. This plan has worked well for many of our patients:

2. Care Credit- This is a health care credit card that you can apply for online. It offers many benefits, and helps you to break down the cost into smaller amounts (certain rules apply):

  • *Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.
CareCredit® Dental Financing: We offer flexible payment options / So you can get the care you want or need

I Have Dental Insurance... How Does That Work At Your Office?

When a dentist contracts with an insurance company, the insurance company, not the dentist, gets to dictate what  treatments you can or cannot have done.

  • We work with all traditional dental insurance plans--these are typically plans that allow you to choose any dentist you desire. It is important for you to realize that you are responsible for your dental treatment, and you are responsible for any fees incurred. Having dental insurance is never a guarantee of payment-- it is a benefit that MAY help with payment towards your financial obligation.
  • Our practice does not contract with any DMO or PPO dental insurance plans.
  • We cannot accept Medicaid, or any of the Affordable Care Act Dental Policies purchased on the NYS Affordable Care Act Exchange exchange. Those two in particular require the patients to only be seen by a contracted dentist.
  • We file your insurance as a courtesy for you. 
  • We help you get the most  benefit possible from your insurance, but please remember: this is a contract between your employer and the insurance company. They have the final say regarding payment, not us. 

Deductibles and co-pays must be paid on the day services are rendered. To help us keep our fees lower, please do not ask us to bill you for these.

Any outstanding balance following the insurance payment will be billed to you.

Why Don't You Contract With My Insurance?

One thing that sets us apart from most other dental offices, is that we are committed to providing  "patient-centered " care, rather than "insurance-dictated " care. 

What does that mean?

1. It means we are committed to providing you with the best care possible-- We take our time and make sure we understand your needs and desires. Our hygienists are given a full hour to provide care for you-- many offices allow for much less time! We want to make sure we have the time find out what your needs as well as your desires are concerning your dental health!

2. It means we are committed to using high quality materials. No cost cutting on quality to make up for the fact that an insurance will only reimburse a small portion of the cost!

3. It means we provide options for treatment-- and you get to decide which treatment route is best for you. When a dentist contracts with an insurance company, THEY ( the insurance company) get to dictate the treatment, not you! 

4. It means you will never have any high pressure sales pitches for treatments you do not want! We always discuss your needs, but we are mindful of your desires. Some dental offices train their staff to "sell" extra services to every patient. You will never find that here!

Our Goal Is To Exceed Your Expectations!

The Choice is Yours: 
Will you choose high quality, slow-paced, patient-attentive care, with the freedom to dictate your treatment,
Would you prefer the "rush me through" environment that allows you insurance to decide your treatment route for you?

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