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Save 25% with our Valentine's Day Massage Package Specials!


Love is in the air!

Our Valentine's Day Package Specials are as follows:

Package #1: 1-Hour Hot Stone Massage Plus Our All-Natural Hand Softening Treatment $56 (Reg. $81)

This luxurious massage session enhances the relaxation process by adding the element of heat. Our all-natural hand treatment combines a rich blend of organic oils, plus shea butter, vitamin E, essential oils. Leaving your skin feeling moisturized, soft and supple.

Package #2: 1-Hour All Natural Facial Plus 1/2-Hour Swedish Massage $82 (Reg. $100)

Our all-natural facial massage uses no oils or lotions, and is a healthy alternative to facials that use checmicals. Based on the wisdom of Ayurvedic Healers, this treatment will tone and firm facial muscles, tighten facial contours, balance the body's subtle energy, and generate a glowing look for days! Combined with a Swedish massage to the neck, shoulders, and back area this is the ultimate pampering session! 

Package #3: Buy Two 1-Hour Swedish Massage Sessions and Save!$90 (Reg. $120)

Our "classic" massage eases tension with gentle relaxing massage techniques. This calms the nervous system, boosts circulation, and helps improve the imune system.

Another Way You Can Save On Massage Sessions At
The Coatney Professional Center:

Book a massage before or after a dental appointment and save!

We are proud to serve the Olean and Allegany, NY areas, plus the surrounding communities of Cattaraugus County, including Franklinville, Hinsdale, Portville, and Ellicottville!

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