Hygiene Hints: Flossing

Here are some "hygiene hints" on flossing....

We recommend flossing at least once a day for both our adult and youth patients. This is the only way to effectively remove plaque from the proximal surface of teeth, which is where they come together and touch. Following this procedure daily will significantly reduce the risk of both gum disease and tooth decay.

How to floss:

Start off by using a good size piece of dental floss and wrapping it around two fingers. "See-saw" this piece in between the teeth until you feel it go past the contact area. Then, gently push below the gum line until you feel resistance. You should see it disappear into this pocket which is where gum disease starts.

Using a scraping motion, scrape the side of each tooth. Continue this process until all teeth have been cleared.

Remember to use a new area of floss every 2 to 3 teeth.

Floss Choices:

Many types of floss aids are available such as floss forks, floss picks, and threaders. If you have trouble flossing, have braces, or crown & bridge work, your dental hygienist can teach you the best way to reach these areas.

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