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Our dental team stresses the importance of our "Happy Visits" to help create a positive dental experience for all of our patients, but especially for our very youngest.

Our Coatney Professional Center dental team encourages a first visit 
to the dentist around age two or three.

Most children are ready for their first visit to the dentist around this time, and it can be a great way to start good dental hygiene habits. This first appointment is designed to help your child feel comfortable with the dental team and have a very positive first visit to the dentist.

As you know, oral hygiene is very important even at an early age. Even though children will eventually lose their primary teeth (baby teeth), it is still important to keep them healthy.

When baby teeth get decay they can cause pain

and/or infections!

Primary teeth also maintain the space that will be needed for permanent teeth to erupt. If a baby tooth needs to be removed due to decay, a space maintainer may be needed to preserve space for permanent teeth.

These are some of the reasons why we encourage early visits to the dentist!

When children come to our dental office for a "Happy Visit":

  • one of our skilled hygienists will introduce the child to the dental equipment, and explain a little about how things work.
  • Our team is trained to use kid-friendly words such as:

"the sunshine light"

"the tooth tickler"

" tooth mirror"

and the "slurpy straw"

This initial step helps the child to get used to the environment and be a little more familiar with the office when they return for their cleaning.

What do we do during this "Happy Visit" appointment ?

  • At this visit our hygienist will check for potential risks such as diet,oral hygiene problems, and oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking.
  • She will educate the child (and parent) on good brushing and flossing techniques, with the help of "Gene", our dental lion puppet.
  • She will also discuss with the parent possible needs for fluoride supplements.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Coatney will come in to meet your child so he/she can feel comfortable knowing the dentist that will help keep their teeth nice and healthy.

To start your child on a positive path of good dental care, we strongly encourage an early visit to our office! 

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